long fibres

i have a short:long piece in this new magazine by Sustainable Fashion Scotland (great community organisation). it meditates on the resonances of making and repairing clothing.

2 thoughts on “long fibres

  1. Thanks for flagging up this piece Rhian – I valued the reminder that biodegradable-polyester blends have rationales behind them (as you say, making the thread longer and more sturdy) as well as downsides! I’m also intrigued to wonder how you go about darning a rainbow jumper like that…

    Hope all’s well with you! Helen


    1. Thanks Helen! Yes, it’s difficult — synthetic fibres do have purpose, and can make life easier when life is hard to juggle anyway. So it’s an up and down.. Yes, I wonder how to go about darning a rainbow jumper too, ha! I’ll have to do a ‘visible mend’ I think 😉 Thanks for reading, so nice to hear you enjoyed this 🙂


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