‘Michael Field’s Shakespearean Community’

Adapted from a chapter of my PhD thesis, this piece considers how lesbian aunt and niece, Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper — who wrote together as ‘Michael Field’ — invoke in their defiant poem of creative conviction, ‘It was deep April’, a ‘queer’ community of poets and artists who celebrated Shakespeare’s Sonnets at the end of the late-nineteenth century appreciation.

Rhian Williams, ‘Michael Field’s Shakespearean community’, in: Stetz, M.D. and Wilson, C.A. (eds.) Michael Field and their World. Rivendale Press: High Wycombe, UK, pp. 63-70.

I also wrote the Oxford Bibliographies entry on Michael Field, published in October 2018. This provides an extensive guide to all the available scholarship on this quite intriguing couple.

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