the weird folds

the last few months of this difficult, difficult year were enormously enriched by the launch(es) of the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene, which i have been co-editing with maria sledmere. the experience has been wonderful, sanity-saving, and has significantly expanded my thinking through poetry. i couldn’t have expected all this in this year and am warmly gratified by it.

we have contributions from: Pratyusha, Kashif Sharma-Patel, Jay G Ying, Sarah Cave, Samantha Walton, Rebecca Tamás, Daisy Lafarge, Jane Hartshorn, Francesca Lisette, Max Parnell, Calum Rodger, Miranda Cichy, Alice Tarbuck, fred spoliar, Iain Morrison, Gloria Dawson, Vahni Capildeo, Sascha Akhtar, Fred Carter, Katy Lewis Hood and Therese Keogh, montenegro fisher, Nat Raha, Mike Saunders, Jane Goldman, Harriet Tarlo, Rosie Roberts, Lila Matsumoto, Colin Herd, Paul Hawkins, nicky melville, Kat Sinclair, Nasim Luczaj.

An extraordinary group of people, as you’ll see if you read the collection (and thank you if you do). As I wrote in an instagram caption, ‘we wanted to feel our moment in climate history, through our bodies, in our everyday rhythms.. the “new nature” poems we brought together here help us do that. A year in the making, through solstices and equinox, through lockdown and through the ether, Maria (<3) and I have been nourished by the wonderful work of these wonderful poets. Thank you contributors, and Rich and Vicky at Dostoyevsky Wannabe‘ (who are fantastic).

You can find it at now.

Vitamins and Minerals

We’re gathering all our vitamins and minerals just now, looking to support our bodies for the winter to come… the fevers already begin… but even more nourishing, we hope, will be the emergence of a new anthology of ‘anthropocene poetics’, which I have been editing with Maria Sledmere, that is coming out in the next wee while. Pulling together work from amazing poets, and all with the most brilliant and expert support of our publishers, Dostoyevsky Wannabe, has been genuinely life affirming amongst everything… As a first step towards the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene, have a read of the Vitamins and Minerals interview that Maria and I did with DW a few weeks ago…