Welcome: Summer 2019

For 10+ years I worked as an English Literature academic and was a lecturer at the University of Glasgow. I recently chose to leave formal academia and hope to use this blog to keep me writing and thinking. I intend to use this space to reflect on the main concerns that connect my old and new lives: ecology (eco-politics, resistance, interconnectedness, flat ontology, community, responsibility, effort), the everyday, poetry and poetics.

I live in Glasgow with my partner, daughter, and two French bulldogs — at the moment I am primarily a homemaker and I want to meditate on this work in different ways here and on Instagram. I will also write about what I am reading, seeing, listening to and making.

You can read about my academic work in various posts here — I’ve put up entries relating to several of my publications to give a glimpse of what I was trying to achieve in each of them. You can find them through the menus in the side / footer bar.

Post-academia, I want to work in a more organic and healthful way, for the planet, for my community, and for myself. You might want to look at my ‘About’ page above too. If you have found my site and would like to get in touch to talk about anything ecological, poetry, community well-being, any kind of creative or non-fiction writing, crafting, or homemaking, I’d love to hear from you.

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